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about Ecodyne Tableware

Ecodyne Tableware by Conservia is an exceptionally designed artisanal disposable eco-friendly tableware. Individually crafted from fallen palm leaves - 100% sustainable, renewable resources and certified compostable. It is the only sustainably stylish and elegant alternative to all disposable environment polluting plastic and foam products. No trees are ever harmed or felled for this line. Zero waxes, binders, chemicals, dyes or additives are used. Our product, Ecodyne Tableware is handcrafted by local community of artisans using sustainably sourced raw materials - palm leaves and water that we procure from our community of farmers


Conservia is India’s largest manufacturer of palm leaf plates made using the leaves shed by the Areca Palm. The industry’s first and only closed loop integrated manufacturing process that adheres to uncompromisingly stringent quality standards, environmental norms and social compliance management systems to  ensure Ecodyne tableware is certified safe;  and complies to stringent norms laid out by USDA, LFGB and EC2002/72 for food contact safety and use by our consumers. Conservia is focused on building a socially inclusive community that aids sustainable living and improves the lifestyle of all the stakeholders involved.

Sustainably Produced, Conveniently Used

Responsibly Returned