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The Product

Ecodyne Tableware’s range of products is as unique as the Areca fronds used to craft them. As the products are imitative of the Areca leaf, the shade and thickness of each product vary. Our tableware looks classy and is sure to please over-demanding dinners along with the environmentally-conscious ones. 


Ecodyne Tableware is used for events, weddings, banquets, seminars, restaurants, etc. Our range of products comes in a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes. From earthy browns, silvery, and pearly off whites to breathtaking beiges, every Ecodyne product is exclusively crafted.


Our Manufacturing Process

Palm Trees

Renewable Raw Material

At Conservia, we use leaves/sheath fallen from the Areca Palm tree as raw materials to create the dynamic, eco-friendly, and compostable range of Ecodyne Tableware. We collect the leaves directly from the farmers as the Areca trees grow in hilly regions without fertilizers. In doing so, we have an inexhaustible inflow of raw materials and save trees in the process.

Unique Properties

20cm deep plate.jpg

When compared to other disposable tableware products, Ecodyne tableware has certain unique qualities which are unbeatable. The foremost attribute is the renewable and eco-friendly nature of our products. We do not cut trees or harm the environment to manufacture our products unlike tableware made of bamboo, paper, plastic, etc.

All our products go through rigorous quality tests and pass microbiological testing for food contact. As Ecodyne Tableware is 100% natural and organic, it does not react with the food and is safe to consume liquids. Our products are sturdy and durable; they can withstand hot and cold temperatures and do not wilt like paper plates. The leaves do not melt, leak liquids or deform when in contact with heat and are microwave, oven, and refrigerator friendly.


Unlike other disposables, Ecodyne Tableware is attractive and is premium-quality tableware crafted by artisans. Our products are biodegradable, sustainable, and start decomposing within six weeks. Stylish, affordable, and eco-friendly, Ecodyne Tableware has characteristics that fill the gap left by other disposable products.


Quality Certifications

All products manufactured by Conservia comply with the stringent international standards prescribed by the FDA, USDA, LFGB, EC2002/72, and EU3134 laid out by the US and European Markets for food contact. 

Biodegradability and Compostability testing 


Ecodyne Tablewares pass the biodegradability and compostability testing ASTM D6868-03, ASTM D6400-04, ASTM D5988-03, ASTM D5338-98. The results prove that our disposable and eco-friendly tableware is biodegradable and compostable.

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