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Round Plate

Round Plate

  • Disposable Areca Palm Leaf Plates (6" Round, Pack of 24)
  • 100% Organic, Biodegradable, Eco-Friendly
  • Ideal for Party, Event, Appetizer, Salad
  • Export Quality, Microwave Safe
  • 100% ORGANIC: All Ecodyne products are made from just two humble natural resources - fallen Areca Palm leaves and water. No chemicals, resins, gums, toxins, lacquers or stabilizers are used in the process.
  • MICROWAVE SAFE & DURABLE: The leaves used are extremely strong, do not melt, bleed moisture or deform. Our products are microwave and oven safe, water resistant, freezer safe and most importantly do not react with food or liquid when used.
  • NATURAL ARTISANAL AESTHETIC: Just like each leaf frond is unique, each product of ours is unique in pattern and color. Ranging from pearly whites, golden beiges to earthy browns streaked with silver strains and embedded with natural grains-lending each product an exclusive artisinal elegance.
  • SUSTAINABILITY: 100% Natural, Bio degradable & Compostable. After use, the plates can be composted, with biodegradation occurring in just six weeks. No trees cut or harmed at any stage of manufacturing process.
  • QUALITY ASSURANCE: All our products undergo a UV sterilization treatment. Our products have passed extensive health, safety & compostibility tests and have the following certifications - APC35C, ASTM D-6400, 6866, 6868.
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