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Palm leaf plates in United Kingdom

Ecodyne Tableware is on a mission of protecting our nature by replacing plastic plates with palm leaf plates in United Kingdom.

Disposable leaf plates in United Kingdom has helped 1000s of companies to reduce their plastic waste and contribute more towards CSR.

These areca leaf plates in United Kingdom are manufactured with the fallen areca leaf.

Ecodyne is one the largest palm plates exporters in United Kingdom.


How Palm Leaf Plates in United Kingdom are made?

Ecodyne Tableware by Conservia is best artisanal disposable eco-friendly tableware in United Kingdom. Each palm leaf plate is made with areca leaf. The palm leaf products are very stylish and elegant compared to all disposable tableware in United Kingdom. These plates are Biodegradable plates and has zero affect on nature. We are strictly against the use of waxes, binders, chemicals, dyes or additives are used. Our product, Palm Leaf Disposable Plates in United Kingdom are produced by local artisans using sustainably sourced raw materials - palm leaves and water that we procure from our community of farmers


Conservia is one of the largest Supplier of palm leaf disposable plates in United Kingdom made using the leaves shed by the Areca Palm. Palm leaf disposable plates are made from fallen Areca leaves . These plates are the most stylish and unique alternatives to the current disposable tableware available. These areca leaf plates can be used in microwave and it is safe and suitable for food. These eco-friendly disposable palm leaf plates in United Kingdom are available in various shapes of square, Rectangular, oval & Round. Conservia is focused on building a socially awareness among the community that aids sustainable living and eco-friendly lifestyle.

Welcome to the World of Ecodyne Tableware

Conservia is the best palm leaf plates supplier in the United Kingdom 

These disposable disposable leaf plates and cups are the best alternate for both tableware and disposable packaging in United Kingdom - areca eco-friendly palm leaf plates and bowls.

Palm Leaf Plates bulk Orders in United Kingdom

Conservia is the one of the biggest manufacturers of plates made of leaves. Palm leaf plates are always a better choice compared to paper plates for use and throw purpose. Conservia caters palm leaf plates bulk orders in united kingdom. In yet another industry first Ecodyne Tableware by Conservia can pack and load a 40ft High Cube container in under 10 working days and 20ft Container in under 5 working days. This commitment to our customer is backed by 2 state of art sanitisation, packing units and several manufacturing facilities spread across 200,000 sqft in various locations in Karnataka, India. In the last 9 years, we have emerged as India’s largest producers and exporters of palm leaf tableware with a production capacity of 4.5 million palm leaf plates and bowls every month which is scalable up to 6 million within 45 days and over 9 million within 75 days.

We can help you complement your CSR initiatives by designing and packaging our tableware collection in your brand identity. Get in touch to order in bulk quantity of palm leaf plates in United Kingdom.

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Conservia offers eco-friendly disposable tableware in United Kingdom based on a noble idea of using natural resources without harming mother nature. 

Disposable Palm Leaf Plates Uses

Home Use

More and more household consumers are keen to opt by example and use sustainable eco-friendly disposable plates in United Kingdom.

Restaurants & Catering

From takeaways, coffee shops to high-end restaurants, more and more F&B retail outlets are opting for a palm leaf plates in united kingdom to avoid using plastics

Corporate Responsibility

Companies who wish to demonstrate to their clients and workforce as to their commitment to the environment have opted for ecodyne tableware in areca leaf plates in United in Kingdom

Personal Gifting

What better way of showing your love for your friends and loved-ones to the beauty of Ecodyne Tableware.

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